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By | October 22, 2015

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The time will come when this page is filled with content. And that time is near! As of now, the plans for this site are formless. I am teaching myself a variety of things, and am doing my best to document my solutions as best as possible so that others may benefit from my troubleshooting (I break things) or creation process (I also like building things). But I won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes and claim to be entirely altruistic – that could never be true, could it? So here it is, my ulterior motive for this website is: I’m keeping my pen hand busy while also honing my ability to teach others, all while learning more about how people think about and traverse this [digital] landscape.

In short, that means; tutorials, links, lists of resources, reviews, (original) ideas, good¬†information. Knowledge. The internet is a dangerous place, so don’t go alone! I don’t want only one particular demographic to read my posts, but rather any person who is willing to learn. As long as one is open to new ideas, accepting instead of dismissive, and humble, they will learn far more than they previously imagined they could have.

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