Windows 10, Amnesiac Edition

By | December 15, 2015


This afternoon, I returned to my laptop to see that my Windows was “32% done” updating, which surprised me because I had just told it to update at 4:00 a.m. (for the third time) the day before. It’s O.K., we all make mistakes sometimes. I can’t remember everything myself, who am I to judge? Although it would have been very unfortunate for me if I had a deadline to meet, a conference call to make, or  Skype interview to conduct. I guess I’ll keep editing the scheduled updates each time it prompts me to, and cross my fingers that Windows 10 doesn’t decide, on its own, to restart and update when I’m working on something important. As I wrote previously, Windows 10 continues to revert privacy settings to their default values of “I agree to sharing this personal information”, denoted as “On”. Here is a gallery of all the settings that were switched back on after this update:

Upon further inspection, it seems as though I’m not the only user experiencing this issue:

Apparently an update from earlier in November 2015 did this exact thing and it was pulled. Now it’s back. If people won’t forget their privacy rights, I guess it’s up to Windows to do it for them.

Edit: After an update early in January, my settings were reset once again.

windows privacy settings

It’s almost February and one update later, my privacy settings haven’t been reset (hooray) – but I’ll keep checking every so often and upload any pictures of the settings that get flipped back to “on”.

Update on 2/12/2016, messaging + Skype setting reverted:

windows privacy settings

Update 9/20/2016 I have finally submitted to the update reminders: here is the unofficial changelog:

– Lets apps run in the background
* Voice recorder
* Camera
* Skype Preview
* Paid WiFi & Cellular
* Microsoft WiFi
* Messaging
* Movies & TV
* Microsoft Solitaire Collection
* Feedback hub
* Connect
* Contact Support
* 3D Builder
* Calculator
* Get started
* Sticky Notes
* Settings
– Bluetooth turned on, shortcut added to hidden icons
– Lets “apps on other devices open apps and continue ‘experiences’ on this device”
– Lets apps access my notifications
– Lets apps access my contacts
* Maps
* Messaging
* Skype Preview
* Xbox
– Repopulated taskbar with Internet Explorer and Microsoft App Store shortcuts
– Removed VPN from startup processes
– Added CPU and memory usage widget to hidden icons
– Notifications tab added to the bottom right corner

Update 12/23/2016 – I checked my privacy settings once more, this time they have remained as I set them. Well, that’s something.

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