This blog was created in my free time as I took on various tech projects, most of them revolving around computer hardware and software. I am not a professional (nor do I purport to be). When I started learning programming, I began experimenting with various Linux distributions – intrigued that an operating system was developed and provided for free. Soon I was cloning projects on Github and compiling from source, which led to many late nights and early mornings as I was still extremely green behind the ears. The idea that everyone can see what’s going into their system, like being able to read the nutrient information on a package of food, reverberated within me. It is important to know, or at the very least have the ability to know,¬†what you are installing onto your computers and devices. In the age of information that ought to be transparent. So goes the first chapter of my experience with open source and it continues on. Sure, there have been trials and tribulations. Projects that are scarcely more than “the hard way” of doing things. Still, I believe that open source will have a pivotal role in how our world progresses and develops.