Here are some quality online resources.


Hardware and Tech:

  • – Gives, for the most part, objective reviews of hardware – consumer and enterprise class. They do their own benchmarking and give comprehensive articles explaining how they made their rankings.
  • – Has articles pertaining to; current events, opinions, socio-political trends. A little more biased, but knowledgeable nonetheless. More security oriented.
  • – Similar to
  • – Articles in the tech industry, international as well. Leans more toward the economic and legal perspective of the industry. Has loads of content and thus the quality may vary.
  • & – A large community based website with articles reviewing consumer PC hardware, tech news, and PC gaming.
  • – Ycombinator provides seed funding for startups. They invest a small amount of money for a small stake. They also have curated content focusing on software development, security and privacy, in addition to content that delves into philosophy, psychology, and society. The main guideline for posting is that submissions should have substantial thought put into them.

Machine Learning